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Chartis Rural Hospital Performance INDEXTM

Resources & Award Programs

The Chartis Rural Hospital Performance INDEX is the industry's most comprehensive and objective assessment of rural provider performance. Based entirely on publicly available data sets, the INDEX benchmarks performance across eight pillars of performance including quality, market share and patient perspectives. The INDEX framework is widely used across the nation by independent rural hospitals, health systems with rural footprints and state offices of rural health, which provide access to INDEX analytics through grant-funded initiatives. To learn more about the INDEX, please reach out to us at


INDEX Summary Report

The INDEX summary report provides insight into your hospital's performance across all eight performance pillars. How does your facility measure up to your peers? Where do opportunities for improvement exist?


INDEX Strategic Advisory

A customized advisory engagement that combines INDEX benchmarks from Top 100 providers with one of our advisors to help your facility help drive improvement in areas such as Quality and Patient Satisfaction.


INDEX Comparative Analytics

Build a customized peer group of 10 rural hospitals and leverage INDEX benchmarks to measure and monitor your hospital's performance across all 36 of the INDEX's rural-relevant indicators. 

Data Review

INDEX Data Review Session

Our data review sessions provide you with the opportunity to better understand the INDEX methodology, your current INDEX metrics and how those figures compare to your in-state and national peers. 


Top 100 Rural Providers

Each year, the Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals and the Top 100 Rural & Community Hospitals awards honor outstanding performance based on the results of the INDEX. 


Performance Leadership Awards

Presented in partnership with NOSORH and celebrated on National Rural Health Day, the Performance Leadership Awards recognize annually top quartile performance in Quality, Outcomes and Patient Perspectives. 

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